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Saint Hill International Arts Festival Award

Published by Theta Studios in Trophies and Awards · 29 August 2014
Saint Hill International Festival Lifetime Achievement Award by Theta Studios.

The Saint Hill International Arts Festival occurs every year in August at Saint Hill Manor in West Sussex, England and is designed to inspire artists into greater productivity. It attracts local and international artists from all walks of life.

Pablo Carl Röhrig St Hill Arts Festival Award Winner 2014The Saint Hill Arts Festival is a week of creative activities and workshops covering many subjects such as acting, singing, dance, writing, illustration, poetry, music, photography, painting and more. With celebrities and successful artists flying in from around the world to share their knowledge and empower other artists, the festival is perfect for new and aspiring artists.

The Festival’s main event, The Art Garden, included participation from the world-renowned German naturalism fantasy painter, Pablo Carl Röhrig (, and from local painters Jane Indigo Moore, Gil Bustamante, Mira Reichl, Susanne Lawrence, Kitty Atkinson-Guy, Katherine Khann and Rory O’Neill.

Pablo Carl Röhrig (pictured) with his Saint Hill International Festival Lifetime Achievement Award 2014 by Theta Studios.

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