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Promotional Gifts

~ Promotional Gifts ~

Give a promotional gift that stands out above the rest

Promotional gifts and products needs to be memorable, it should strike a chord, and it needs to be etched in the memory of the person you are trying to attract the attention of and market your business to.  

There is nothing more valuable than first impressions and the right kind of promotional gifts will create a lasting impression that will benefit you and your business immensely.

Use our unique promotional gifts to secure business deals

Whether you are trying to make your business known to potential clients or seeking to secure further business from an existing client, promotional gifts and products should be continually used to keep your business or organisation in the forefront of your market's public. Our promotional products are unique and distinct and help you do just that!

Promotional gifts and products designed for you
We can help you create your branded promotion to give your company, business or organisation that added class, to make it stand out from the rest.  

Please feel free to contact us for further information or to get a quotation.

A Selection of Our Unique Promotional Gifts
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Promotion and Marketing Gifts with a Difference
What is the purpose of promotion?  
It is to get your products and services well known and to remain at the forefront of the intended targeted audience's attention.

The usual promotional gifts and marketing products are in the form of pens and other stationary products. But if everyone is using the same or similar promotion how do you get noticed? The answer is in a unique gift!

Imagine a director of a multi-national company or prominent figure in an organisation receiving all sorts of promotional products and gifts. Of these gifts which gets noticed? It's the gift that is unique!

We have been creating unique promotional gifts and marketing products of a special nature for businesses, companies, and organisations since 1995. The majority of our gifts have been from the traditional African theme for companies wanting to keep the spirit of Africa alive, but we have also created bespoke promotion in line with company branding.

South African artist and sculptor Des Khoury created two collections of bronze sculptures for this very nature; the Sculptured Moments in Africa Collection and the Wild Animal Collection, both representing what highly symbolizes South Africa and its tradition. These highly sought after art pieces can have your company name displayed, created in a beatiful bronze plate.

~What Better Way To Make A Lasting Impression~

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