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Mandela and Ali "Warriors of Peace" Bronze Sculpture
Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali Statue

"Warriors of Peace" depicts Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali in a victory pose
Nelson Mandela has been a continuous inspiration to millions of people around the world, having defied reason, logic and all expectations to free a nation that was destined for internal conflict. By example he continues to bring relief to the disadvantaged, and dignity and respect where there was conflict and suppression.

Muhammad Ali - in the artist's mind is the greatest boxer of all time - said about his life after boxing that his most important job now was trying to teach people to treat each other with dignity and respect. He is still held in awe by boxers and fans around the world, and he still continues to inspire greatness, dignity and respect.

This statue is part of a limited edition of 15 cold-cast bronze casts internationally and come with certification. It was cast from the original mold which will be broken beyond repair once all are cast. (In developing the mold 2 artists proofs were created).

It was Des' wish to create a vehicle to channel his life's work for the moral regeneration of society, primarily through The Way to Happiness. The proceeds of this sculpture will be used to support the works of The Way to Happiness Foundation, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Mohamed Ali Centre, if it becomes available for sale.

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Size: 58cm high
Limited Edition
Not for sale until further notice.
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