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Sports Awards

~ Sports Awards ~

Great sports awards for great winning teams

Depending on what sport is being played there are many players on the various teams who are eligible to win a sports award. These trophies are awarded for various accomplishments. They are an acknowledgment of great accomplishments by the player or by the team.

A great play and a winning team deserves the best sports award one can give. A trophy that matches the real sportsmanship of a true winner.

Sports trophies and awards that say it all
Trophies are giving to achievers, people of recognized accomplishments, who have made a difference in their field of performance. The practice of giving a trophy is common in sports and is a sign of distinction. A sports award is given to separate the best from the rest. No matter how competitive a tournament is, only the best are awarded a trophy.

Our sports awards and trophies created for the best at sporting events and games
We create handmade unique award winning trophies and awards for sports games presentations. Or if you prefer you may choose from one of our luxury handmade gifts in our art gallery shop that can be fitted with a beautiful personalised name plate.

Please feel free to contact us for further information or to get a quotation.

A Selection of Our Sports Awards
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The Sports Awards for Excellence
Excellence in any endeavor in life is worthy of commendation. Since success breeds success, encouraging people by giving trophies and awards for achieving excellence in sports, business, and education encourages professionalism.

Different types of sports awards are valued for what they represent, excellence in a certain field of sport. Being given a trophy is being recognized as being one of the best. But anyone who has won any worthy award will tell you that trophies are not won for doing nothing.

To be awarded a sports trophy has come at a price with behind the scenes hard work, hours of practice and full determination to be the best performer in a field of activity. So sports awards are not given out lightly.

But if you want to earn a sports award you have to work hard at being excellent in what you do because a sports trophy is a symbol of excellence that is given to those who are exceptional in what they do.

We have been creating sports awards and trophies of a special nature for games and events since 1995. One such award created by South African artist and sculptor Des Khoury was "Thunder in Africa" depicting Nelson Mandela as a young boxer.

This work of art was specially commissioned by Golden Gloves, Carnival City Casino and the management of Lennox Lewis to celebrate the momentous Lennox Lewis / Hasim Rahman title fight.

~What Better Way To Make A Lasting Impression~

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