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Nelson Mandela Statue "Madiba Magic"
Nelson Mandela Statue "Madiba Magic"

This sculpture was inspired by L Ron Hubbard’s statement: "From Southern Africa will spring the next great civilization on this planet..." and Nelson Mandela’s work with children, his attitude towards our young achievers and the joy he expresses in their achievements.

His dance, the "Madiba Jive", symbolized for the artist this joy, which itself is inspiring and is what communicates the "Madiba Magic" that he is so well known for.

This quality in our former President, unlike any other president that we know of, is what will forge a future that could well be the new civilization that L Ron Hubbard spoke of. When Des felt he had captured this quality and Madiba's spirit of excitement, he felt the piece was complete as he had attained the effect he wanted to communicate.

The full edition was endorsed and licensed by the NELSON MANDELA MILLENNIUM FUND (as the NELSON MANDELA 80TH BIRTHDAY COMPANY) in 1998 for Nelson Mandela’s 80th Birthday Celebrations. The NELSON MANDELA FOUNDATION became a beneficiary on each purchase.

This piece was used to help raise funds for charities such as Kids Haven, The Way to Happiness Foundation and Education Alive.

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Size: 48cm high
Limited Edition
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